BWK supervisor responsibilities

Work Deliverables: The results that are expected from a Supervisor.

Daily Reports: 

  • Reviewed and signed by the Super. MUST BE TURNED IN EVERY MONDAY for the preceding week
  • Weather/temperature 3 times a day (if weather warrants)
  • Track sub men. Number, location, work performed and total man hours
  • Track BWK men. Number, location, work performed and total man hours
  • Manage all deliveries to site from Vendors or Subs


  • Weekly Job Box meetings with written agendas and sign in sheets
  • All site labor must sign check list
  • Model good safety practices. You must wear your own PPE in order to tell others to do the same
  • Enforce all safety violations
  • Immediately document any and all safety incidents
  • Give positive feedback for good safety behaviors

Manage/Build to contract documents: 

  • Make sure that everything is being done to plans and specs – those are the contract documents
  • Build from approved shop drawings
  • Date and identify source of ALL changes directed in the field
  • Document all directives. Use Email to communicate real time and create a document trail
  • Copy and tape any changes to plans and specs to document
  • Get Owner or Architect to sign/initial all approved changes
  • Confirm in writing any verbal directives. Partner with PM to get changes documented
  • Manage sketches as you would any other contract document – Keep sketches in Log Book
  • Document and acknowledge any Addendum. Work with PM and Estimator to understand any cost impacts
  • Keep PCO log. Communicate real time with PM as well as weekly job meetings
  • Communicate regularly with PM.
  • Exchange any record items with the PM on a prompt basis
  • Maintain and document site photos on a minimum of a weekly basis or when critical items are identified

Log Books: 

  • Maintain a guest book – sign in and dates
  • Capture in guest book any visits from building inspectors
  • Maintain concrete log
  • Log tools used in and out of project. Tools must be numbered, stickers applied and locked up at all times when not in use